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Tree Trimming

An important service for trees, tree trimming promotes the health, beauty, and wellbeing of a tree. Trimming or pruning a tree is the horticultural practice of selectively removing certain parts of the tree that may be dead or diseased, structurally unsound, unsightly, or to encourage flower or fruit growth. It’s important to hire a professional because improper pruning can damage your tree and potentially shorten its life.

Our certified arborist at Beaver Tree Company can recommend proper maintenance for trees of all shapes and sizes. We’ll provide you with a customized tree care plan tailored to your landscaping needs and all of our employees will adhere to that plan.

Although the best time to prune is before spring growth, most routine pruning can be done throughout the year. For tree trimming services in Santa Barbara County, make sure to call us for a consultation.

Types Of Tree Trimming

There are several techniques to properly prune a tree.

  • Crown Cleaning:
    The removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Crown Thinning:
    Opening up the tree by selectively removing branches to increase light, air movement, and lighten the heavy weight placed on limbs.
  • Crown Raising:
    Removes the lower branches of a tree in order to improve clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings.
  • Crown Reduction or Reduction Pruning:
    Reduces the overall height or spread of the tree by selectively cutting back branches, often for utlity line clearance.
  • Structural Pruning:
    The use of small cuts to remove competing stems and branches and develop a schedule of regular pruning.
  • Ornamental Pruning:
    The selective removal of branches to shape a tree.
  • Vista Pruning:
    The selective pruning of a tree to open a field of view.
  • Deadwood Removal:
    The expedited removal of dead branches and limbs for the health and safety of a tree.
  • Crown Restoration:
    The practice of reshaping a tree to follow more of its natural form, often after storm damage, vandalism, or even improper pruning.
  • Hedge Pruning & Maintenance:
    The selective pruning to maintain or promote dense and compact growth.

To learn more about how an ISA Certified Arborist can help you maintain your trees’ health, call Autumn Fish at (805) 966-0975 or click here to send him a message.