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Tree Services

Planting & Landscape

From tree selection and installation to landscape improvements, we offer a complete range of services designed to meet your needs and keep your landscaping looking its best. When your yard looks great, it reflects on our service, commitment, and reputation.

Selecting a tree may seem like an inconsequential task, but knowing the perfect tree for the right space is more than a point and choose dilemma. Soil consideration, the amount of light during certain times of the day, growth patterns, and spacing are just some of the factors we consider when selecting the perfect tree that will complement your home and add the most beauty and value.

Once all these factors have been met, we’ll ensure your tree or shrub is properly installed by digging an appropriately sized hole, amending the dirt to make the soil more viable, loosening the roots, and giving it ample water for thriving conditions.

Amending the dirt or conditioning the soil entails a lot more than simply throwing some fertilizer into the hole before planting a tree. The type of soil amendments used depends largely on the current soil composition, climate, and type of tree or shrub. The Beaver Tree Company will evaluate your soil conditions and add any required fertilizer, lime, gypsum, and/or clay which will help improve the health and growth of your tree or shrub.

We also offer landscape design, improvements, and erosion control. What better company to trust than the one currently taking care of your trees and shrubs. From plant selection to complete layouts or improvements, we design beautiful landscapes to last. Our landscaped yards will complement your lifestyle, usage, and home’s beauty.

When you’re considering landscaping – consider The Beaver Tree Company.

Types Of Planting & Landscape

  • Tree Selection
  • Tree & Shrub Installation
  • Amendments
  • Landscape Design
  • Erosion Control
  • Landscape Improvements

To learn more about how an ISA Certified Arborist can help you maintain your trees’ health, call Autumn Fish at (805) 966-0975 or click here to send him a message.