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Pruning Trees: When Is The Best Time?

You’ve looked it up online and received conflicting results. You went to your local nursery or home improvement store only to be further confused. But the question remains… “when is the best time to prune your trees?”

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple answer. There are a lot of variables that can affect this answer. Where do you live and what are your climate conditions? What kind of tree? What are your desired results (More fruit if they’re fruit trees? More flowers if they’re flowering trees? Manage disease? Manage growth, etc.?)

A simple rule of (green) thumb that applies to most trees is when the tree is in its dormant period. This period usually falls sometime between late fall and early spring when the tree has dropped all or most of its leaves; preferably after the coldest part of winter. If done correctly, this will cause vigorous bursts of new growth in the spring.

Now that you have a basic understanding of when to prune your tree, the next question should be how? Give The Beaver Tree Company a call today! Our certified arborist on staff can determine your tree’s needs and your expectations to find the perfect regimen to make sure your trees are at their happiest and healthiest.

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