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I love trees and how they play such an important role in our lives. I have come to understand that everybody experiences trees differently and as diverse and complex as trees are (and their functions), so are people’s understandings, opinions, wants, and expectations of their trees. It is my job to help educate you to the best of my ability, about how to properly care for your trees so you can make informed decisions about your tree care. I have a lifetime of experience working with trees. As a former tree crew foreman and tree climber, my experience has become diverse and well-rounded. I mention this because I understand residential trees in the urban landscape. Trees are part of an existing urban habitat that requires a broader type of care for long-term health. I am continuously educating myself and I sincerely enjoy my profession. Thank you for checking us out and I look forward to meeting you!

ISA Certified Arborist

Autumn Fish
ISA Certified WE-11318A
Expiration: Dec 31, 2018

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