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What To Do With A Dead Tree In Your Yard

Sadly, from time to time our landscapes lose a tree from old age or damage. But sometimes a tree might just look dead. If you fear you have a dead or dying tree you need to call a certified arborist. An arborist can help you make decisions about whether you should attempt to try to save the tree or if it should be removed.

When should a dead tree be removed?

If you fear your tree is dead and needs to be cut down, you’ll want to act fast. An unstable tree can put your home, family, and neighbors at risk!

Should dead trees be cut down?

If you’re certain the tree is 100% dead, then without a doubt it needs to be removed. You need to contact a professional tree service company to cut it down quickly. Large trees are massive and can weigh several tons. The last thing you want is for it to fall down on its own. You don’t want to let it choose where or when it’s going to fall. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to come home to a tree sitting in your living room or dropping on your head.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover tree damage if you were delinquent on having the tree removed and you will probably have to pay any damage expenses out of your own pocket. If you have questions about tree damage and your home’s insurance policy you should contact your insurance agent.

However, if you’re not completely certain the tree is dead, have a certified arborist like The Beaver Tree Company come out and inspect it. Though a tree might look dead, a certified arborist with years of experience might just have an easy fix for your tree.

If you fear your tree might be dead, call The Beaver Tree Company at (805) 966-0975 and we’ll come out and diagnose your tree’s health and make recommendations as to its future.