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How To Plant A Living Christmas Tree

There might not be a better family memory than planting this year’s Christmas tree. Christmas is a wonderful time to create memories and what better way to preserve them than to bring the family back together to plant the tree that has brought so much happiness.

Planting Christmas Trees

If you plan on planting a Christmas tree, you need to make sure to purchase a live Christmas tree that has been sold with the root ball still intact. Typically, the root ball will come covered by a piece of burlap. Once a tree is cut from the root ball, it can no longer be planted outside, so make sure that the trunk and the root ball of the Christmas tree remain undamaged. You should purchase a tree knowing that it should not remain indoors for more than 2 weeks at the most. An indoor environment is simply not ideal for keeping a Christmas tree in good health.

Christmas Tree Transplanting Tip: When pondering which live Christmas tree to take home, consider purchasing a smaller tree. Younger, smaller trees transition better than their larger counterparts.

When choosing the right location in your home for setting up your tree, choose a spot away from heaters and vents. To keep the root ball moist indoors wrap it in plastic. The tree’s roots will need to stay moist during its entire indoor stay. Be sure to water daily or use ice cubes as a slow irrigation method.

Once Christmas is over, move your tree immediately outside to help it reacclimate. When it’s time to plant your Christmas Tree choose a cooler, sheltered location in your yard. Christmas trees are typically grown in colder environments so planting it in a cooler zone will help keep it alive during replanting.

To replant your Christmas Tree, remove the burlap and any other moisture protective coverings from the root ball. Set the tree in the hole that is twice as wide as it is deep. Backfill the hole and cover it with a generous amount of mulch. You don’t need to fertilize it at this time but you will need to water it and keep it properly irrigated.

Well that’s it! Your tree will live on to remind you of one of our most joyous holidays. If you would like to plant your live Christmas tree but don’t like getting your hands dirty, call The Beaver Tree Company at (805) 966-0975 we love to help preserve memories and transplanting trees is what we do.

How To Plant A Living Christmas Tree